Naramata Lakeside Guesthouse

Your private getaway in the heart of wine country.

Naramata Lakeside Guesthouse


At Naramata Lakeside Guesthouse you are our exclusive guests and our priority. Relax and recharge in this tastefully appointed suite and romantic getaway. Explore the charming village, experience the scenic outdoors, and enjoy the casual elegance of the many surrounding wineries. Be our guests at Naramata Lakeside Guesthouse and make memories that last. We look forward to hosting you.

Gayl & Rick Grant

The VIP Suite

Private. Tastefully appointed. Laid back luxe.

Why Us

The Best of Naramata Lakeside Guesthouse

About Naramata

Driving down the curvy road, leave the city behind. On one side is a shimmering lake and on the other, forest hills for hiking and mountain biking. You are entering wine country, an agricultural landscape surrounded by working orchards and vineyards. Visit over 40 wineries on the Naramata Bench, from boutique to well known. Grab lunch along the way at one of the winery bistros. Swim, paddle, or boat on beautiful Lake Okanagan. Shop in the idyllic Naramata village or soak up the sun at one of the beaches. In Naramata, you are surrounded by breathtaking scenery, warm sunshine, and a sense of relaxation. Exhale, you're on vacation now.

Our Location

Naramata Lakeside Guesthouse is located in the heart of Naramata, a quaint village on the lake where everyone says hello. Our property is just a stone's throw from the lake, kitty corner to Wharf Park and the public beach access. Walk across the street with your paddle board or picnic, or take a plunge off the dock to cool off. Stroll over to main street where you can explore the shops, and grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants. Check out the local Farmer’s Market, Wednesdays at Manitou beach. End your evening with dinner at the historic Naramata Inn, then walk home under a big, starry, Okanagan sky.

The VIP Suite

This ground level lake view suite has been designed with your comfort and privacy in mind, and decor inspired by the lake and sand. Enjoy one of your best sleeps ever, thanks to the peaceful surroundings and sumptuous queen bed. The suite includes a private keyless entry, sitting area, kitchenette with complimentary coffee and tea, A/C, WiFi, TV, and bbq. Kick back with a glass of wine and watch the sunset across the lake on Giant's Head mountain from your private garden patio. Be our guests at Naramata Lakeside Guesthouse, where we invite you to rest, relax, and recharge.


What our happy customers said about us.
Ron & Debbie, Montreal, Qc.
We came to Naramata and had a magical time. All the little details were taken care of and noted. Gayl took great care in the room and it's convenience to her guests. Thanks for a great stay!"
Samantha & Steve, UK
"We have had a lovely, relaxing stay but too brief! We enjoyed cycling on the Kettle Trail followed by a refreshing dip in the lake. Thanks for the bikes! Sorry we couldn't stay longer."
Peter & Ruby, Edmonton, AB.
"Thanks for such a lovely and peaceful oasis to enjoy some time away from home! It is so tastefully decorated and luxurious. The books were a nice touch. Some friends recommended your place and we're glad they did. We'll be back!"


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What is SlowFood?

SlowFood means fresh, local, seasonal produce, recipes handed down through generations, sustainable farming, artisanal production, and  leisurely dining with family and friends.  The SlowFood movement believes that food should be grown and bought locally, prepared with care, and consumed with appreciation.

Born in Italy in 1989 as a not-for-profit, the SlowFood movement began as a response to the rise of fast food and a world where we can eat quickly and cheaply without ever leaving our cars. Slow Food is about more than food, it’s about lifestyle. The SlowFood philosophy embraces 'ecogastronomy,' the notion that eating well can and should go hand in hand with celebrating and protecting the environment. 

What is CittaSlow?  

A CittaSlow ("cheetah" slow) community is a global network of towns that collectively resist globalization and mainstream corporate-centred development through planning and urban design that prioritizes each town's local, unique, and historic resources.  Cittaslow philosophy is built around the desire to provide a high quality of life for residents. The "slow" in Cittaslow concerns the idea of taking the time for quality.  The Cittaslow movement aims to improve the quality of life in cities by slowing down the overall speed in the use of space, life, and traffic flow, thus the snail logo!  Internationally, Cittaslow has helped more that 285 communities in 33 countries implement sustainable development practices creating communities that celebrate the local culture, gastronomy and environment. 

What is NaramataSlow?

In 2006 Naramata became one of only four communities in Canada to hold a CittaSlow designation! To support and promote the principles of the Cittaslow mandate, a not-for-profit society was formed known locally as the NaramataSlow Community Group. By conserving and cultivating our unique community, NaramataSlow is committed to respecting and preserving the region we cherish.  By establishing awareness between local producers and consumers, we strive to create a community which values and appreciates its land, bounty and local artisans.  By celebrating traditions, NaramataSlow aims to foster healthy living, community involvement, and sustainable food through inclusive community events and educational gatherings.